Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

You are a regulated Financial Institution and you are looking to create collective investment schemes (AIF) products for your private banking and institutional clients, or you want to optimize your asset/liability structure by transferring on balance sheet assets into a fund structure, or bundle your assets in an efficient and regulated investment vehicle.

Challenges / Requirements

  • Launch of a regulated collective investment scheme (AIF) for marketing to investors in the European Union or other jurisdictions
  • Benefit from an innovative range of investment strategies and products that include core and thematic strategies, REIT and systematic products
  • Focus on identifying and managing your assets with the comfort of having a regulated and independent service provider in Cyprus to help you in all aspects of regulation


  • Delegated Management Company (ManCo) and Hosting
    We provide fund sponsors the requisite substance, infrastructure, and regulatory disclosures to fully comply with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)
  • Dedicated Fund Compartment(s)
    We provide segregated and fully serviced compartments under our Master Fund to accommodate Hedge fund, Private equity, Real estate, Fund of funds and Other strategies.
  • Multi-Investment Platform
    We create synergies within your affiliated investments and give you the opportunity to benefit from co-investing within our client network
  • Securitisation Platform
    We provide a fully compliant investment institution platform to bundle and securitise your Private Equity and Real Estate assets
  • Distribution Services
    We provide an AIFMD passport that enables marketing your funds across the European Union Risk Management and Risk Reporting Services
  • Risk Management and Risk Reporting Services
    We provide a holistic approach for evaluating risk/reward and applying risk mitigation based on scenario and sensitivity analysis